About SpaceJet

SpaceJet is the world’s first luxury jet service with regular commercial flights to low earth orbit (LEO), delivering passengers to space-based experiences and accelerating travel above and beyond our planet.

Leaders in space technology

SpaceJet has revolutionized earth-to-orbit travel with a number of innovative technologies, including our DarkStar Ion Fusion engines, which atomize free ions in the upper atomphere to accelerate thrust with no liquid fuel. That means a safer, smoother, cleaner, and more economical ride from surface to space.

Image of DCX 7149 Darkstar blueprints

Making space travel safe

At SpaceJet, your safety is our first mission. Our highly-trained “JetStars” – from pilots to engineers to service crew – are committed to you.

SpaceJet cabin

Autonomous navigation

Our DCX Starcruisers feature the latest in AI-powered navigation systems

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Experienced pilots

SpaceJet pilots spend thousands of hours flying to earth’s orbit and beyond

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Space station

360 degree support

Mission control is monitoring every second of your trip

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Additional features

Daily flights

Depart conveniently from Orlando, Houston, or Los Angeles

SpaceJet Flex ticketing

Add more days or bring your family and friends with our Flex ticketing

Orbital entertainment

See musical performances that are literally out of this world

Five-star menu options

Celebrity chefs prepare amazing dishes in-flight and in orbit

Lunar connections

Schedule a three- or five-day cruise to the moon from our orbiting hotel

Asteroid packages

See the Leonids as they pass into the atmosphere on an exclusive tour

Interstellar service

White-glove treatment reaches new levels with our JetStar crew

Space excursions

Take a spacewalk to explore derelict satellites and see earth from above

JetPet program

Walk your dog or cat in space with our JetPet program

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